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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuricu‧ric /ˈjʊərɪk $ ˈjʊr-/ adjective  HBrelating to urine
Examples from the Corpus
uricXanthinuria is a rare hereditary deficiency of xanthine oxidase, which results in hypouricemia and diminished urinary uric acid excretion.Thus, alterations of either uric acid filtration, reabsorption or secretion may result in clinical disorders.Uricosuric agents generally do not lower uric acid levels below the normal range.Abnormalities it, urinary but not intestinal excretion of uric acid may produce clinically recognizable disorders of urate metabolism.Birds excrete uric acid rather than urea because it is an insoluble solid.After several months of therapy with a uricosuric agent, the tissue stores are dePleted and urinary uric acid returns to normal.Dietary purine intake may provide a significant source of uric acid.Essential hypertension is often associated with an augmented proximal reabsorption of sodium and uric acid.