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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvarietyva‧ri‧e‧ty /vəˈraɪəti/ ●●● S2 W1 noun (plural varieties)  1 a variety of something2 [uncountable]VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS the differences within a group, set of actions etc that make it interesting I really like the variety the store has to offer.give/add/bring variety (to something) (=make something more interesting) Occasionally working from home adds variety to a job.3 [countable]HB a type of thing, such as a plant or animal, that is different from others in the same groupvariety of The lake has more than 20 varieties of fish.4 [countable usually singular]TYPE a particular type of person or thing – often used humorouslyof the ... variety Lon has no patience with anything of the child variety.5 variety is the spice of lifeCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa wide/great/large varietyThey hold debates on a wide variety of topics.a huge/enormous varietyFruit is eaten by a huge variety of animals and birds.an infinite/endless varietyThere is a seemingly infinite variety of beers to choose from.a rich varietyA rich variety of plants grows here.a bewildering variety (=so many that you feel confused)There is a bewildering variety of roses to choose from.an amazing varietyThe market has an amazing variety of fresh fish.
Examples from the Corpus
varietyDuring treatment for his injuries and a variety of complications, Dole said his weight plummeted from 194 pounds to 122 pounds.Bert started to move a huge pile of cardboard boxes which had once housed a variety of motor spares.Like most bad situations, this one had evolved in a variety of ways.At that time, all newsreaders spoke a variety of English spoken in southern England, known as Received Pronunciation.My own preference has always been for the rough-coated variety since these can withstand weather and rough going very much better.It may be possible to create varieties of fish that have resistance to common diseases.There is enormous variety to this public-interest assignment.She's always complaining that her job doesn't have enough variety.For all that I have learned a greater variety of games, there are fewer I can tolerate.The French make many varieties of cheese, from both cows' and goats' milk.This is a new variety of apple; we're selling it for the first time.The music on her latest CD shows a great deal of variety.South American growers use the best US seed varieties.The doctor encouraged him to increase the variety of food that he eats.give/add/bring variety (to something)Genes cooperate with, and add variety to, the themes in the generative field of each organism.This sentence suture can add variety to your sentence structure.It not only adds variety to their day, but tutoring also helps them feel important.Shakespeare not only gives variety and vitality to his characters, but he preserves each individuality throughout each play.Simple balances and a variety of pots and containers can then add variety to the experience of filling, emptying and sharing.Hybrid yields are high enough to give varieties a marketing edge.Yet these structures, too, add variety and local character to rivers.The range of topics gives variety to the way they are taught.variety ofThere are about 7,000 known varieties of apples.of the ... varietyThe team also tried spreads but did not count them into the ratings because of the limitless variety.Daniels, Dorothy Has produced approximately 150 romance novels, mostly of the gothic variety.The breakfast used is not of the ruff-core variety, it's employed subtly throughout and will enliven your regular cuppa.Red-and-white pinstripes of the Payless Cashways-employee variety.Unfortunately they are not all able to survive in an aquarium and some of the most colourful varieties are the most delicate.Later she turned to Romantic Suspense of the thriller variety, specializing in tales of international crime, espionage, and intrigue.Which of the following grape varieties is the odd one out? 4.This should remind of you of the infinite varieties in any one colour and also set you thinking about texture.