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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishventricleven‧tri‧cle /ˈventrɪkəl/ noun [countable] technical  HBone of the two spaces in the bottom of your heart through which blood pumps out to your bodyauricle
Examples from the Corpus
ventricleSpiralling leg fractures, cysts, ventricle failure also saw her whisked into the operating theatre.Enlarged ventricles have been found in an identical twin who develops schizophrenia, compared to the one who does not.It had penetrated the chest wall from the front, and pierced the left ventricle of the heart.There was a lot of excitement about the ventricles during the Renaissance.Just the usual cavities that everyone has-those big reservoirs of cerebrospinal fluid we call the ventricles.In the latter painting we stare straight into the ventricles of a human heart, the veins spreading out like branches.Compressed air oscillates the ventricles, circulating blood around the body.Clark's implant, which replaces the two ventricles - bottom pumping chambers - is made of polyurethane and aluminium.