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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvertebraver‧te‧bra /ˈvɜːtəbrə $ ˈvɜːr-/ noun (plural vertebrae /-briː, -breɪ/) [countable]  HBone of the small hollow bones down the centre of your backvertebral adjective [only before noun]
Examples from the Corpus
vertebraI liked biology a lot more amoebas and vertebrae.In the summer of 1988 paleontologists in western Colorado uncovered the 135-million-year-old pelvis and vertebrae of Supersaurus.He crumpled to the ice with a shattered fourth cervical vertebra, his body paralyzed from the neck down.But he suffered two fractured vertebrae in his neck and a broken lower back in a crash during practice two weeks ago.He danced around the area, shaking an Ascon, a gourd filled with snake vertebrae.Backs include the pelvic bones and all the vertebrae posterior to the shoulder joint.She was unaware that anyone had approached until she felt a touch on one of the vertebra of her spine.The vertebrae of the vertebral column are tightly interlocked, creating a rigid foundation for the tail muscles.