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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrestedcrest‧ed /ˈkrestɪd/ adjective  1 HBBa crested bird has a crest on its head2 SIGN/SYMBOLmarked by the crest of a family, town, school, or organization crested notepaper
Examples from the Corpus
cresteda red-crested cockatooAnother caracara, the crested, also nests on Sea-lion but is nowhere near as tame and confiding as the Johnny rook.On deeper water teal, mallard and great crested grebes bobbed and coots squawked and chased each other noisily.We heard the growling call-note of great crested grebes.The crested helmet of the warrior gleamed in dawn sun and he turned and rode down on Tallis.a crested navy blue jacketThe pond is a breeding ground for the greater crested newt.Here the spikes can become enormous quills - those of the great crested porcupine are as long as 20 inches.