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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishducklingduck‧ling /ˈdʌklɪŋ/ noun [countable]  HBBa young duck
Examples from the Corpus
ducklingThe Ahrens' 40 ducklings also died within a fortnight.Sailed through college, picked up academic jargon like a duckling gobbles worms.A duckling wants to swim; well there is such a thing as water.Duck to the bar, ducklings panting to a seat.An ugly duckling, like a printing press, was transformed into a well-behaved goose laying golden eggs.It's certainly the ugly duckling of the era-until you get to drive one.A long way south a plump caique thudded past towing a line of six little lamp-boats, like a mallard with ducklings.Patrol officer Bob Edwards says heavy wash from cabin cruisers can kill young ducklings and harm other wildlife.