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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhawkhawk1 /hɔːk $ hɒːk/ noun [countable]  1 hawk.jpg HBBa large bird that hunts and eats small birds and animals2 PPPWARa politician who believes in using military force opp dove3 watch somebody like a hawk4 have eyes like a hawk
Examples from the Corpus
hawkAnd when a hawk meets a hawk?California growers have found that enlisting the aid of hawks and owls is relatively simple.On this argument, the hawks have found an unlikely ally: the Clinton administration.The past is the hawk, flying higher; its talons are stronger, its wings wide and majestic.I knew how the mouse felt when the hawk seized it.The hawks in the government would never permit any talks with the enemy.the hawks in the President's cabinetThe hawk was sacred to her, and was used to depict her symbolically in art.More fundamental were his experiments with hawks, in which he fed them meat contained in small cages.