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honkhonk2 verb  [intransitive, transitive]HBBTTCSOUND if a car horn or a goose honks, it makes a loud noise Several drivers honked their horns.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
honkSo I honked and honked, but he refused to budge.A vee of geese goes over, one goose honking at the setting sun.I saw you guys and honked, but you didn't see me.The truck driver honked his horn and waited.Several horns honked impatiently.The Nurse honks the car horn to warn the lovers of Lady Capulet's arrival.Even the ducks on the lake were beginning to honk their appreciation and clamber out of the water towards him.For the remainder of the evening, Barbara and A. B. Everage honked their horn and flashed their lights.Motorists below honked their horns and flashed their headlights in response.