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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhornbillhorn‧bill /ˈhɔːnˌbɪl $ ˈhɔːrn-/ noun [countable]  HBBa tropical bird with a very large beak
Examples from the Corpus
hornbillParticipants will see the orangutans at Sepilok Sanctuary, proboscis monkeys and hornbills at Sukau and the market at Sandakan.Its fruit are about the size and colour of small oranges, and squirrels and hornbills feed on the fleshy pulp.Cotswold Wildlife Park has had particular success in breeding hornbills.Among the feathered residents are flamingos, toucans, kookaburras, egrets, brown pelicans, hornbills and trumpeter swans.As the Dipterocarps disappear, he said, so inevitably will the hornbills.