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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_185_akitekite1 /kaɪt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 DHTa light frame covered in coloured paper or plastic that you let fly in the air on the end of one or two long strings2 HBBa type of hawk (=bird that eats small animals)3 American English informalMONEY an illegal cheque4 fly a kite go fly a kite at fly1(24), → high as a kite at high1(16)
Examples from the Corpus
kiteHere we have a dangerous situation of a kite flailing on one line, possibly towards onlookers and certainly not under control.How was that possible, a kite suspended in the air, without an anchor?As soon as any kite touches the ground it is eliminated.It's bad enough trying to fly with unequal line lengths; having an asymmetric kite can be most frustrating!Of these, the best known is the Everglade kite, which escaped attention even longer than the crocodile.All the stuff off the kite blew right out of sight - and all that was left was the frame.Between the curving cross-spars, the sail adopts a vee form not unlike that on a Malay or triangular kite.