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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlarklark1 /lɑːk $ lɑːrk/ noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 1 HBBa small brown singing bird with long pointed wings syn skylark2 informalFUNNY something that you do to amuse yourself or as a jokeas/for a lark 🔊 I only went along for a lark.3 → blow/sod/bugger etc that for a lark4 British English spokenDO used to describe an activity that you think is silly or difficult 🔊 Salad again? How long are you going to keep up this healthy eating lark?5 → be up with the lark
Examples from the Corpus
lark• Had it been a lark on the dead man's part?• The sky was still blue, the sun still shone, somewhere near by a lark gibbered away.• No shame, just a bit of a lark.• Then, on a lark, I applied to a college outside of Davis, California, so I just went down.• I had to go to Jersey and Guernsey on Wednesday-that's always rather a lark.• The trip to Dresden was a lark.• The operatic male nightingales, warblers, and larks are brown and usually almost indistinguishable from their females.• This surprisingly funny, reverse-Cyrano lark is witty, wise and the most romantic comedy so far this year.as/for a lark• Finally, as a lark, I start writing as if I were Victorine.• I really only went along to the interviews for a lark, as company for a friend.• They didn't come home just for a lark.• Under the influence of the drugs we exchanged a few playful cuddles and kisses, just for a lark.• But then you realise that there's no room whatsoever for larking about and enjoying yourself.