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nestnest2 verb  1 HBB[intransitive] to build or use a nest They say eagles used to nest in those rocks.2 [transitive] to organize information, especially in a computer program, so that some of the information is recognized as separate but is included or contained in a larger part of the information Phrases are nested in the dictionary entry for the first major word.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
nestSuch strong-winged birds as pigeons and hawks stray north in considerable variety, and some of these remain to nest.The rectory was a dour red brick house with ivy-clad walls where birds would soon be nesting.The birds stop briefly to nest and feed.In summer petrels nest in crevices in the rocks, and colonies of penguins breed on nearby islands.There is no evidence that this species has ever nested in Sussex.The starlings have gone to nest in the hot-air ducts of a concrete and glass mountain in the city centre.I wondered if the kingfisher still nested in the sandy banks there.Cactus wrens and Inca doves nest in thick tangles of mesquite.