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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeacockpea‧cock /ˈpiːkɒk $ -kɑːk/ noun [countable]  peacock.jpg HBBa large bird, the male of which has long blue and green tail feathers that it can lift up and spread outpeahen
Examples from the Corpus
peacockThere was a peacock there, stampeded by the queue.Every time she seduces a fresh peacock, she wins a little extra sperm that she probably does not need.The low-growing peacock gingers also would fit well in such a grouping.Above the scoop neckline of her peacock blue dress, an ill-defined rash of mottled pink broke out, then faded.He climbed away from their reaching hands, on to the very top of the gantry, breaking the spines of his peacock wings.In a few weeks' time this year's peacocks, immaculately spruce, would emerge from pupae.The peacock butterfly normally rests with its wings pressed tightly together.No one in Lancre had ever worn a waistcoat embroidered with peacocks.