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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeckpeck1 /pek/ verb  1 peck.jpg [intransitive, transitive]HBB if a bird pecks something or pecks at something, it makes quick repeated movements with its beak to try to eat part of it, make a hole in it etcpeck at birds pecking at breadcrumbs on the pavement2 peck somebody on the cheek/forehead etc peck at something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
peckThe woodpecker's long beak is specially designed for pecking.A surprising chaff inch flew down to peck at our crumbs.Hens pecked at the corn scattered on the ground.He himself had been but little pecked at.You peck away at your computer, but it is hard for you to get motivated.We were woken at the crack of dawn by the pitter patter of seagulls as they pecked for their breakfast.There was a red mark where the pigeon had pecked her hand.This means that the rider can help his horse should he peck on landing or hesitate into a fence.Beneath that principled veneer students were hammering out the usual adolescent pecking order.Males compete with one another for places in a pecking order.She pecked our hands for food and glared at us with her red eyes.peck atChickens peck at the corn on the ground.