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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpelicanpel‧i‧can /ˈpelɪkən/ noun [countable]  pelican.jpg HBBa large water bird that catches fish for food and stores them in a deep bag of skin under its beak
Examples from the Corpus
pelicanIf you are lucky, you will also spot a pelican or two.Among the feathered residents are flamingos, toucans, kookaburras, egrets, brown pelicans, hornbills and trumpeter swans.For that reason, he liked pelicans, he liked waitresses.Providing more pelican crossings, cycle lanes and residents' parking schemes.From here I watch a patrol of pelicans skim the ocean surface while waves crash against the rocks.Therefore any individual stops which will be required at single pelican crossings etc., will have no effect on charging.I'd never realised that pelicans were as graceful flying as swimming.