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perchperch2 noun [countable]  1 HBBa branch or stick where a bird sits2 informalHIGH a high place or position, especially one where you can sit and watch something She watched the parade from her perch on her father’s shoulders.3 perch.jpg HBFa type of fish that lives in lakes and rivers
Examples from the Corpus
perchSings more often from a perch.Kelston for good nets of roach, chub, perch and odd bream from pegs below the weir.At first Dawn would attempt to continue beyond the far perch where I was waiting, instead of landing on my glove.He watched the lessons from his perch, and when they were over he ran all the way home.Anything could knock him off his perch.But there are plenty of things that threaten anew to knock Clinton off his presidential perch.Icebergs that last for a week or longer provide perches for bald eagles, cormorants and gulls.They get a great view of the game from their perch in the press-box.