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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperegrine falconper‧e‧grine fal‧con /ˌperəɡrən ˈfɔːlkən $ -ˈfɒːl-, -ˈfɑːl-/ (also peregrine) noun [countable]  HBBa hunting bird with a black and white spotted front
Examples from the Corpus
peregrine falconIn Islay in September 1938 they were flying a peregrine falcon at grouse with a bird called Cressida.Read in studio A peregrine falcon, one of Britain's rarest birds of prey has been illegally shot.One of the most interesting cases that Maureen came across that I knew of was a peregrine falcon.The Yorkshire Dales national park authority is also to pay a bounty for every peregrine falcon that reaches maturity.The manager was waiting for her at the desk, deftly fidgeting with a half-stuffed peregrine falcon.