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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroostroost1 /ruːst/ noun [countable]  HBBa place where birds rest and sleep rule the roost at rule2(4)
Examples from the Corpus
roostAll are roost sites except Salthouse, where there was a nest and the pellets collected came mainly from the nestlings.The others do not return, presumably traveling on to another, more distant roost.In the meantime, it was Amelia who ruled the family roost.Alongside the State, they continued to rule the roost.The mid-fielders ruled the roost up to the interval, but after a scoreless first half the Antrim team showed great dominance.As soon as the adventurers stop moving, the Harpies will swoop down from their roosts in the rock.The ravens had returned to their roost in the pines and were noisily getting settled when I got back.Table 2.2 Barn owl samples: nest site versus roost site.