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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsongbirdsong‧bird /ˈsɒŋbɜːd $ ˈsɒːŋbɜːrd/ noun [countable]  HBBa bird that can make musical sounds
Examples from the Corpus
songbirdThe sturdy frame has a special protection to make it waterproof and the cushions are covered in a charming songbird design fabric.In the dying light other songbirds sharpen calls and phrases, some learned in far places, other continents.A whole flock of birds; and not loopy-plumed songbirds, but scrappy, raucous brown birds with teeth.Finally, and possibly most significantly, songbirds are more territorial in the mornings.Midday comes, and the songbirds sit stone still in the brush.As darkness gains a firmer grip the songbirds fade and the owls start.If the songbird population has thinned, the boats in the cove have multiplied.Strange how this songbird is heard mostly at night.