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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrushthrush /θrʌʃ/ noun  1 [countable]HBB a brown bird with spots on its front2 [uncountable]MI an infectious disease that can affect a person’s vagina or mouth
Examples from the Corpus
thrushBlind thrushes in the wood blunder and drop on to the brown needles.I saw a flock of five bluebirds, a phoebe, and a hermit thrush.By 8: 25 it is quite dusky, and the hermit thrushes are just coming into stride.I see only a good case of thrush, minimum.Human bathers, too, risk viral hepatitis, skin reactions and oral thrush.A song thrush sang its repetitive phrases from the top of an oak tree.Walking past trees and hedgerows we heard more bird song, blackbird, song thrush, robin.A yellow warbler will do just as well as a vireo, a spotted thrush as well as a song sparrow.