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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwittertwit‧ter1 /ˈtwɪtə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive]  1 HBBSOUNDif a bird twitters, it makes a lot of short high sounds2 HIGH SOUND OR VOICEto talk about unimportant and silly things, usually very quickly and nervously in a high voice3 to send a short message using the social networking service Twitter → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
twitterOn the video footage, which was shot by investigators the spring after the nightmare, birds twitter.They were very low, twittering all round us, all flying in the same direction, low and happy.Near-by, across the river, a lark had begun to twitter and climb.When the electronic ambience washed in, the saxophone and drums twittered anxiously.The larks went up, twittering in the scented air above the down.Birds twitter outside the open window as the nuns scrutinise each graph and diligently take notes.Let's hope it helps Rita see Anthony for the twittering twerp he is.