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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfinementcon‧fine‧ment /kənˈfaɪnmənt/ noun  1 [uncountable] formalSCJ the act of putting someone in a room, prison etc that they are not allowed to leave, or the state of being there They were held in confinement for three weeks. He visited prisoners at their place of confinement. solitary confinement2 [countable, uncountable] old-fashioned or formalMB the time when a woman gives birth to a baby the pros and cons of home versus hospital confinement
Examples from the Corpus
confinementShe was sentenced to 15 days' confinement in her cell for violating a direct order.Sien was admitted for her confinement while he was still in hospital himself.During his confinement, Wen taught himself how to read.He was sentenced to 5 months of home confinement for the crime.And although federally sponsored hospitals for specific diseases are uncommon in the United States, federally sponsored places of confinement are not.The thought of confinement can make me ill at ease.Asylum seekers, with tales of torture, rape and solitary confinement, can go to the end of the queue.Prisoners are punished by being put in solitary confinement.Fry opposed the penal reformers' prevailing orthodoxy of solitary confinement.It was the light also of that china-cabinet room in the apartment where he had suffered confinement with Shula-Slawa.These included speeding up the confinement of government troops and agreeing to an election timetable.