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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfetalfe‧tal /ˈfiːtl/ adjective  MBthe usual American spelling of foetal
Examples from the Corpus
fetalThe mechanisms which link low fetal and infant growth rates with disease in adult life are not defined.Adequate control is very important, because grand mal seizures may harm the fetus or even precipitate fetal death.Perhaps the most remarkable result, however, was the apparent influence of fetal experience on career and marriage priorities.Arguably, however, the midwife's record of a normal fetal heart rate should be just as acceptable as evidence.Maternal infection can result in fetal infection and damage and is estimated to occur in 0-1-0-5% of pregnancies in the United Kingdom.He had been born with the caul, the inner fetal membrane had covered his head at birth.In two developing countries, the lowest frequency of fetal mortality is at births above second but below sixth or seventh order.I curled up in a fetal position after the Elimination Ritual and waited for sleep to come.