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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishIUDIUD /ˌaɪ juː ˈdiː/ noun [countable]  SYMB (intra-uterine device) a small plastic or metal object used inside a woman’s uterus (=place where a baby develops) to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant syn coil
Examples from the Corpus
IUDIf you miss that deadline, you can get an IUD fitted up to five days later.Of 100 women using an IUD between two and four will become pregnant each year.Mobile teams were created to back up the village outreach system, providing sterilization and IUDs.Some general practitioners will also fit IUDs.Nor are all government family planning workers trained to insert IUDs.Various kinds of IUD are used in Britain.What types of IUD are there?The IUD works partly by preventing the egg from settling in the womb.