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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmidwifemid‧wife /ˈmɪdwaɪf/ ●○○ noun (plural midwives /-waɪvz/) [countable]  MBBOa specially trained nurse whose job is to help women when they are having a baby
Examples from the Corpus
midwifeAlso patron of childbirth, the falsely accused, midwives, and pregnant women.Assistant midwives and matrons were designated to deliver family planning services.Extra midwives had been taken on for the same reason.The application was based on a sworn statement from a lay midwife who said she attended his birth in La Paloma.How could they have come into existence in the first place without malicious midwives?I was the only midwife that evening, waiting for a relief to arrive.As the midwife examined her, Nina pondered over her words.The midwife and the doctor had a little air of festivity and triumph.