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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperinatalpe‧ri‧na‧tal /ˌperəˈneɪtl◂/ adjective technical  MBat or around the time of birthantenatal, post natal a high rate of perinatal mortality
Examples from the Corpus
perinatalInterestingly, five of these infants had some unusual perinatal features.perinatal health carePerinatal mortality is measured by the perinatal mortality ratio.For these categories hospital 1 had the lowest perinatal mortality rates among the consultant units after adjustment for risk factors.The problems of interpreting perinatal mortality rates have been described by Campbell and MacDonald Davies and Tew.Perhaps not surprisingly, the women transferred to consultant care had the highest perinatal mortality rates.As many congenital abnormalities can be prevented, these developmental defects should not be considered an irreducible component of perinatal mortality.The risk of neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis is also significantly increased in combination with perinatal risk factors.The confounding factors were patients' characteristics that had been shown to be predictive of increased perinatal risk.