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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstillbornstill‧born /ˈstɪlbɔːn, ˌstɪlˈbɔːn $ -ɔːrn/ adjective  1 MBBABY/HAVE A BABYborn dead a stillborn baby2 FINISH/COME TO AN END written completely unsuccessful from the beginning and not developing at all a stillborn romance
Examples from the Corpus
stillbornSadly, the baby was stillborn.I was not up to sharing life with a man preoccupied, behind whose dead eyes I could detect hope stillborn.They had one son, who was stillborn.A neighbor, W. H. Tonn, had several cattle die or give birth to stillborn calves after the explosion.Its stomach gaped, and it lay like a woman with a stillborn child beside it.Libby had still not recovered from the shock of giving birth to a stillborn child.All anencephalus children are either miscarried, die stillborn, or die within a few weeks of life.Many Down's babies are miscarried, stillborn or live only a few days.Some may find him placing far too much emphasis on the impact of his alcoholic parents and stillborn twin brother, Jesse.