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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackgammonback‧gam‧mon /ˈbækɡæmən/ noun [uncountable]  backgammon.jpg DGBa game for two players, using flat round pieces and dice on a special board
Examples from the Corpus
backgammonIf it rained they lolled in the library, playing cards and backgammon.One of the most popular sites is the game room, where visitors can play chess, checkers and backgammon with others.The inlaid chequerboard top of the coffee table houses all kind of games, including backgammon, chess and Scrabble.For the rest of the evening they concentrated on backgammon, pushing dimes back and forth across the kitchen table.They had a light supper, played backgammon for dimes, sat listening to records in the living room.The inlay depicts intricate little scenes, including a group playing backgammon and another group with a tray of drinks.Peter and Nick were sitting on the sofa sharing a bottle of whisky with Sara's backgammon board between them.