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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchessmanchess‧man /ˈtʃesmæn/ noun (plural chessmen /-men/) (also chesspiece /ˈtʃespiːs/) [countable]  DGBany of the 16 black or 16 white playing pieces used in the game of chess
Examples from the Corpus
chessmanAnd more than all, the broken chessman and its evidence of a true dream.I think we did buy her chessman.A small table stood nearby on which ivory chessmen stood poised in combat on an inlaid board.His eye fell on a set of chessmen ranged on a table in a far corner.Between them the board fell over, and the chessmen spilled to the floor.She looked surprised, and threw up her hands, pretty as a picture, then began to set the chessmen afresh.We hardly said anything, we seemed to communicate through the chessmen, there was something very symbolic about my winning.No, we did buy you chessman.