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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbishopbish‧op /ˈbɪʃəp/ noun [countable]  1 RRCa priest with a high rank in some Christian religions, who is the head of all the churches and priests in a large area the Bishop of Durham2 DGBa piece in the game of chess that can be moved sideways over any number of squares of the same colour
Examples from the Corpus
bishopIf so, it was good to give him experience as a bishop as soon as possible.His doctrinal position is further and usefully clarified in fifteen sermons, which presumably belong to his years as abbot and bishop.The nine-member panel of bishops serving as judges is expected to rule any day on the Righter case.He was a popular bishop in a flourishing diocese.In many towns - including, supremely, Rome itself - municipal authority drained towards the bishop.In finest conspiratorial tones a correspondent insisted he could not yet tell whether the bishop would settle at Boston or elsewhere.With the bishops also back in the House of Lords, the political tide had now turned very markedly against the Puritans.The bishop has not been charged, but has been on police bail since the investigation began.