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checkcheck2 ●●● S1 W3 noun  1 finding out [countable]CHECK/MAKE SURE the process of finding out if something is safe, correct, true, or in the condition it should becheck on the need for tighter checks on arms sales Conduct regular checks on your water quality.run/carry out/make a check I decided to run a check on all personnel. I keep a careful check on my blood pressure.have a check British English Have a check in your bag first and see if it’s there. the airport’s routine security checks random drug checkshealth/medical/dental etc check (=a test done to make sure you are healthy)spot check (=a quick check of one thing among a group of things, that you do without warning) a spot check on the accounts2 keep/hold somebody/something in check3 a control on something [countable usually singular]CONTROL something that controls something else and stops it from getting worse, continuing to happen etccheck on Higher interest rates will act as a check on public spending.4 checks and balances5 pattern [countable, uncountable]CF a pattern of squares, especially on cloth a shirt with brown and black checkscheck suit/jacket etc (=made with cloth patterned with checks) a blue cotton check dress checked6 from your bank [countable]PAY FOR the American spelling of chequecheck for a check for $30by check Can I pay by check?7 in a restaurant [countable] American English a list that you are given in a restaurant showing what you have eaten and how much you must pay syn bill British Englishsee thesaurus at bill8 coat/hat check9 mark [countable] American EnglishWRITE a mark (✓) that you put next to an answer to show that it is correct or next to something on a list to show that you have dealt with it syn tick British English10 chess [uncountable]DGB the position of the king (=most important piece) in chess where it can be directly attacked by the opponent’s piecesCOLLOCATIONSverbsdo a checkI did a quick check of all the windows, locked the door and left.make a check (=do a check)One of the nurses makes regular checks during the night.run a check (=especially on something that is strange or suspicious)You should run a virus check before downloading from the Internet.carry out/conduct a check formal (=do or run a check)The police carried out a check on the car’s registration number.have a check British EnglishAlways have a final check to make sure you’ve got your ticket and passport.give something a checkI’d like you to give the car a careful check.keep a check on somebody/something (=check something regularly)Keep a check on your baby’s temperature.go for a medical/dental etc checkShe advised me to go for a medical check.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + check a quick checkA quick check showed that someone had been in the room.a thorough/careful checkAn engineer gave the computer a thorough check.a routine check (=happening as a normal part of a process)I went to the doctor for a routine health check.a random check (=done without any definite pattern)Customs officials were carrying out random checks on cars.a regular checkIt’s vital to keep a regular check on your bank balance.a close check (=a careful one)His teacher was keeping a close check on his progress.a safety/security checkThe security checks at the airport can take a long time.a health/medical checkPeople over 60 should have regular medical checks.a background check (=to get information about someone’s previous work, education, family etc)The company conducts background checks on security employees.a credit check (=to get information about someone’s financial history)Banks usually do a credit check before they give you a loan.a spot check (=a quick check of one thing in a group done to obtain information)They did a spot check on 160 vehicles to see how many passengers were wearing seat belts.a spell check (=a process in which a computer program tells you if you have spelt words wrong)Have you done a spell check on your essay?
Examples from the Corpus
checkEach time you come across a skill you used in the story place a check next to it in the appropriate column.The agency does background checks on all the nannies it hires.Oil change, check and adjustment services follow every subsequent 6,000 miles, with a major service scheduled every 36,000 miles.They run computer checks on their opponent.There are regular checks on the quality of goods leaving our factory.All routine safety checks were carried out before the flight.a security checkThen he wrote out a sizable check of his own and handed it to another Republic sportswriter.Spot checks by customs officers led to the arrest of several drug smugglers.May I have the check, please?A waiter came over and handed me the check.Let me pay the check.a tablecloth with red and white checkscheck onThe commission serves as a check on telephone service monopolies.check suit/jacket etcThere was Philippa Mannering looking avid in a beautifully cut check suit and a brown beret at a rakish angle.One man, wearing a cowboy hat and a loud check jacket, clashed somewhat with the overcoats and pinstripes.In came Mr Wormwood in a loud check suit and a yellow tie.I mentioned that the man I had spoken to had an old check suit and a limp.He clashed striped shirts, check jackets and spotted ties.Over the back of a chair was slung a black-and-tan check jacket which would look wrong with the blue trousers.check forShe gave the family a check for $2450.