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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpawnpawn1 /pɔːn $ pɒːn/ noun [countable]  1 DGBone of the eight smallest and least valuable pieces which each player has in the game of chess2 USE A PERSONsomeone who is used by a more powerful person or group and has no control of the situationpawn in They became pawns in the political battle.
Examples from the Corpus
pawnThe ambassador was being used as a pawn in the struggle between the two superpowers.Instead a blunder in the opening left him a pawn down, on the verge of defeat.The game was adjourned after 63 moves, with Speelman trying to win with rook and bishop against rook and pawn.But the blocked spending bills are pawns in a larger debate over the parties' competing seven-year balanced-budget plans.When I entered our room I found Mum had down two more vases and was sorting out a pile of pawn tickets.All other captures fail to 42 g4 but now Black's passed pawns should be enough to win.Pretty ignominious sort of territorial pawn at that.The soldiers were nothing more than pawns, regarded as dispensable by their officers.Legislators dependent on campaign contributions became the pawns of competing special-interest lobbies, who held each other in check.He proposed to make the army-the dependable support of the Constitution rather than the pawn of politicians to effect its overthrow.pawn inThe children became pawns in their parents' divorce battle.