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ScrabbleScrabble noun [uncountable] trademark  DGBa game in which players try to make words from the separate letters they have
Examples from the Corpus
ScrabbleThe inlaid chequerboard top of the coffee table houses all kind of games, including backgammon, chess and Scrabble.In the quieter moments Scrabble might be the order of the day.Back at the Agra Hotel we ordered coffee to warm up and started a game of Scrabble.Ruth and I played a spiritless game of Scrabble.The patient with mild speech and comprehension problems may enjoy playing Scrabble itself.The three of them playing Scrabble on the floor of the lounge.Expect Siberian Scrabble next, the coolest game of all.You would still need to take some Travel Scrabble to make the walk more interesting.