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aerialaerial2 noun [countable]  1 TCBa piece of equipment for receiving or sending radio or television signals, usually consisting of a piece of metal or wire syn antenna American English2 aerials
Examples from the Corpus
aerialTrickstick is based on a novel electrical effect, it uses the human body as an aerial to pick up mains hum.Many people will also need new aerials to receive the service.Manescu had noticed a network of aerials, wires and dishes mounted on the roof.We had to fight to make our way through as rifles, packs and radio aerials snagged on bushes and branches.At the 1987 election he was cocooned at Labour headquarters, surrounded by television screens, satellite aerials and endlessly insistent telephones.Damage to the aerial itself is covered under the Contents section of 2* - 5* policies.The roofs of every embassy and legation in London are draped with aerials of every size and shape.