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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroadcastbroad‧cast1 /ˈbrɔːdkɑːst $ ˈbrɒːdkæst/ ●●○ noun [countable]  TCBTELEVISION/RADIOa programme on the radio or on television a news broadcast CNN’s live broadcast of the trial (=sent out at the same time as the events are happening)COLLOCATIONStypes of broadcasta radio/television broadcastThe president addressed the nation in a television broadcast.a satellite broadcastThe match was shown live in a world-wide satellite broadcast.a news broadcastThe BBC's evening news broadcast was interrupted.a party political broadcast (=a short television advertisement made by a political party)How are party political broadcasts funded?an election broadcast (=shown before an election to persuade people to vote for a party)a Labour party election broadcasta live broadcast (=shown or heard as it is happening)a live television broadcast from Beijingan Internet broadcastAn Internet broadcast can reach a truly global audience.verbsmake/do a broadcastHe made a long broadcast over the radio.give a broadcastThe prime minister gave a television broadcast to the country at 10:15.
Examples from the Corpus
broadcastThe government has banned all broadcasts by opposition groups.The exciting thing about the show is that it's a live broadcast and anything can happen.My daily Radio Column covered a wide spectrum of programme interests, a large part of which was concerned with local broadcasts.Meyer had no broadcasting experience when he created Midwest Television.All radio broadcasts and church publications continue to be closely monitored by the government.Chamberlain's dramatic radio broadcast announcing the Declaration of War in 1939.Old photographs, and some archive film footage or earlier radio broadcasts would also be included, depending on the period being studied.From 1969 he composed music for his own groups formed for recordings, broadcasts and tours.Federal law prohibits the broadcast from being recorded.In a nationwide TV broadcast, the prime minister explained why he was resigning.live broadcastWith technology what it is, the promise was there for more live broadcast coverage than in the history of the Olympics.Liberal politicians paraded through the studios, providing soundbites that were instantly fed into the live broadcasts.As everyone who has watched the live broadcast remembers, El Comandante spoke for fifty-five minutes.The activity centres around the big top in Stockton High Street offering free all day entertainment with live broadcasts and personal appearances.