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broadcastbroadcast2 ●●○ verb (past tense and past participle broadcast) πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [intransitive, transitive]TCB to send out radio or television programmes πŸ”Š The interview was broadcast live across Europe.2 [transitive]PUBLICIZE/MAKE KNOWN to tell something to a lot of people πŸ”Š Don’t broadcast the fact that he lost his job.β†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
broadcastβ€’ There they would force Khomeini to negotiate a deal and to broadcast it to the people.β€’ The whole race will be broadcast live from Monza.β€’ Radio WXLM broadcasts on 98.2 FM.β€’ He will speak to radio shows that broadcast over a tin can and lengths of string.β€’ The interview was broadcast Sunday on "Face the Nation."β€’ The funeral was broadcast to the whole nation.β€’ Don't go broadcasting what I've told you all over the office.broadcast liveβ€’ CBS will broadcast the championship game live.β€’ More television work came with an episode of Emergency Ward 10, then broadcast live.β€’ When these pictures were broadcast live across international television screens, it was obvious that the issue was misogyny, not theology.β€’ A commentary of the day's activities will be broadcast live across North Staffordshire by Hospital Radio.β€’ The programme will be broadcast live from Banbury School in Oxfordshire.β€’ Capital Radio's Kid Jensen will broadcast live from the ship while it is in London.β€’ The session started early and finished late, and was broadcast live on all cable news channels.β€’ Sky will broadcast live Premier League matches on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.β€’ At the same time a reforestation telethon will be broadcast live via satellite and by radio around the world.