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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchannelchan‧nel1 /ˈtʃænl/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 televisionTELEVISION/RADIO a television station and all the programmes that it broadcasts the news on Channel 4 The kids are watching cartoons on the Disney Channel. What channel is ‘ER’ on? He changed channels to watch the basketball game.2 for getting information/goods etcSYSTEM a system or method that you use to send or obtain information, goods, permission etc The U.S. is working through diplomatic channels to find a solution. The new software will be sold through existing distribution channels.channel of It is important that we open channels of communication with the police.3 sea/river a) SGan area of water that connects two larger areas of water St George’s Channel b) the Channel British English the area of water between France and England syn the English Channel c) TTWthe deepest part of a river, harbour, or sea, especially where it is deep enough to allow ships to sail in4 waterDT a passage that water or other liquids flow along an irrigation channel5 radioTCTTCB a particular range of sound waves which can be used to send and receive radio messages 6 in a surfaceDHOLE a long deep line cut into a surface or a long deep space between two edges syn groove The sliding doors fit into these plastic channels.7 way to express yourselfEXPRESS a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, or physical energy syn vehiclechannel for Art provides a channel for the children’s creativity.COLLOCATIONStypes of channel a television channelNTV is Russia’s leading television channel.a news/movie/sports etc channelWhat’s on the movie channel tonight?a satellite channel (=using signals sent from a machine in space)CNN and other satellite channelsa cable channel (=using signals sent through a wire)ABC announced its plans for a new cable channel.a terrestrial channel (=not using satellite)Channel 5 is the newest terrestrial channel in the UK.a digital channel (=using electronic signals sent out in the form of numbers)You can’t record one digital channel while watching another.a commercial channel (=paid for by people advertising on it)On commercial channels they have advertisement breaks.verbschange channelsUse the remote control to change channels.switch channelsHe kept switching channels.launch a channel (=start a channel broadcasting on TV)In 1994, SKY launched two new channels.watch a channelThe kids are always watching the cartoon channel.a channel broadcasts somethingAll the channels are broadcasting the match live.channel-hop (=keep changing from one channel to another)I usually start channel-hopping when the adverts are on.
Examples from the Corpus
channelThis traffic also permitted the firm to act as a channel of communications between the two governments in wartime.a channel for the water supplyBrent works in the news department at Channel 9.The purpose of the magazine is to provide a communication channel for staff throughout the company.He had a different channel to set up and he was determined to do it differently.The broadcasters say they need both analog and digital channels for 15 years to ensure a smooth transition to the digital age.We need better distribution channels for our products.the English ChannelThat would help to ensure that political and social tensions were guided through established channels and not forced on to the streets.The event assuredly was communicated throughout the nursing system by informal channels.New channels of communication have opened up between the two governments.Currently, the average household has access to dozens of channels.There's a good movie on Channel 5 tonight.The final episode will be shown on Channel 4 tonight.The former media consultant to Republican presidents has headed the business news and talk show channel since August 1993.the sports channel on satellite TVA lot of people switch channels during the commercials.distribution channelsWith Bertelsmann involved, it is not surprising that book clubs as well as electronics and book stores are being targeted as distribution channels.The development greatly improves our own internal focus and accountability for both distribution channels.It will receive royalties from its semiconductor partners, who will use their existing distribution channels to market the chips.Its offerings are now also sold via Sage's existing international distribution channels.The firm is promising to develop new distribution channels, predicting that resellers will private label their own systems with Integrix components.The original distribution channels through Merisel and Dicken Data and service via Xerox remain in place.We can cut costs by bulk purchasing and take advantage of national retail distribution channels.Should it work enthusiastically toward changing the distribution channels?