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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishovero‧ver1 /ˈəʊvə $ ˈoʊvər/ ●●● S1 W1 preposition  1 ABOVEabove above or higher than something, without touching it opp under A lamp hung over the table. She leaned over the desk to answer the phone. The sign over the door said ‘Mind your head’. We watched a helicopter flying low over the harbour.2 COVERcovering on something or covering it opp under Over the body lay a thin white sheet. She wore a large jacket over her sweater. Mind you don’t spill coffee over my best tablecloth.3 CROSSacross from one side of something to the other side of it Somehow the sheep had jumped over the fence. The road over the mountains is steep and dangerous. a bridge over the River Thames Their house has a magnificent view over the bay.4 OPPOSITE/FACEon the other side on the opposite side of something from where you already are There’s a bus stop just over the road. They live over the river in Richmond.5 DOWNdown from something down from the edge of something The car plunged over a cliff. 6 PLACEin many parts of something in or to many parts of a particular place, organization, or thing He used to wander over the moors, losing all track of time.all over (something) (=in every part) They said they had cleaned up but there were bottles all over the place. Scientists from all over the world gather here.7 BETTER/RECOVEREDno longer affected if you are over an illness or a bad experience or situation, you are no longer affected by itrecover I think we’re over the worst of the crisis now. He had a fever last night, but he seems to be over it now. Sybil has never got over the shock of her mother’s death. I’m over him now (=I am no longer in love with him).8 MORE THAN A NUMBER OR AMOUNTmore than more than a particular number, amount, or level opp under The Japanese were producing over 100 million tons of steel. toys suitable for children over the age of three drivers who go over the speed limitthe over-30s/50s etc (=people who are more than a particular age) a social club for the over-60s9 DURINGduring during Will you be home over the summer vacation? Over a period of ten years he stole a million pounds from the company. Can we talk about this over dinner?see thesaurus at during10 ABOUTconcerning about a particular subject, person, or thing He’s having problems over his income tax. a row over public expenditure There is concern over the bad image of the legal profession. 11 CONTROLcontrolling in control of or influencing someone or something Genghis ruled over an empire that stretched from Persia across to China. She had great personal influence and power over her followers.12 better used to say that someone or something is more successful or better than someone or something else Ipswich’s 3–1 win over Manchester City Can Labour maintain its lead over the Conservatives? It has one great advantage over its rivals.13 USE somethingby telephone/radioTCB using something such as a telephone or radio I don’t want to talk about this over the telephone. I heard the news over the radio.14 over and above15 louder than something making a sound louder than another sound ‘What?’ he yelled over the noise of the engine and the wind.16 preferring if you choose one thing over another, you choose that thing rather than the other What is your main reason for choosing one restaurant over another?
Examples from the Corpus
overHe rules over a large kingdom.In this office there is one manager over a staff of 15 workers.Over a two-year period, Nancy became addicted to painkillers.Leaning over her desk, she grabbed the phone.She wore a coat over her sweater.Let's discuss the contract over lunch.I've traveled over most of Europe but my favorite place was Austria.He spilled beer all over my feet.Did you go anywhere over New Year's?A blue vest over that shirt would look great.I put another blanket over the baby.Just hang the towel over the back of the chair.She put a blanket over the child's legs to keep him warm.A thick layer of smoke hung over the city.One of the men jumped over the counter and grabbed the money.A cat jumped over the fence.Almost half their sales are now made over the Internet.She's been a great help to me over the past year.I'd prefer not to talk about it over the phone.one of the bridges over the Rhineall over (something)Be either late or absent and the thirty-day clock begins all over again.Since the shop opened in 1989, it has received over 200,000 visitors from all over Britain and overseas.There was a sound of stir all over the house, pattering of feet in the corridors.By this time there were medical people all over the place, many of them without a purpose, it seemed.He can lick himself all over too, but we won't go there.The works themselves were submitted by teachers all over town, and include two-and three-dimensional pieces.Then it was all over, when Smith was bowled over by Cork.Excuse me, they might say, you have death all over your face, it could be serious.the over-30s/50s etcVoice over It's a powerful image of Swindon in the 50s seen through the eyes of a girl called Anne.