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repeatrepeat2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 [usually singular]HAPPEN an event that is very like something that happened beforerepeat of The match was basically a repeat of last year’s game at Wembley. It was a terrible journey – I hope we don’t have a repeat performance (=have the same thing happen again) on the way home.2 TCBAMTa television or radio programme that has been broadcast before ‘Is it a repeat?’ ‘No, it’s a new series.’3 repeat order/prescription4 technicalAPM the sign that tells a performer to play a piece of music again, or the music that is played again
Examples from the Corpus
repeatWhat none of these groups would find reassuring is a repeat of the old Lawson line that the deficit does not matter.There's a repeat of "ER" on tonight.Also on the rise are repeat pregnancies among teens.Make each succeeding effort a little harder, but none of the repeats should be all out.After 20 years, new generations would see the repeat of the cycle.The second shadow study was a true repeat of the first, although some of the schedules were changed.repeat ofWe simply can't afford a repeat of the Alaska oil spill here.