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rerun in Broadcasting topic

rerunre‧run2 /riːˈrʌn/ verb (past tense reran /-ˈræn/, past participle rerun, present participle rerunning) [transitive]  1 AMTCBto show a film or television programme again on television syn repeat2 to do something in the same way as before syn repeat3 DSto arrange for a race or competition to be held again syn repeat→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
rerunNor when a race is lost, can it be ever rerun.How can you be sure what really happened unless you can rerun it in slo-mo?When I closed my eyes I saw the little boy with the flag again, his death rerun like a film clip.I could change stadium and team names and rerun stadium columns.The next step might be to rerun the batch of tests with a fresh aliquot of control serum.Why not rerun the whole shooting match in every state that was too close to call?We can rerun them whenever we want to.I could keep inserting new imperial abuses of power and rerun Willie Brown columns.