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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtelecasttel‧e‧cast /ˈtelikɑːst $ -kæst/ noun [countable]  TCBsomething that is broadcast on televisiontelecast verb [transitive] The game will be telecast live.
Examples from the Corpus
telecastWhen he retired from football, he went to work for Turner Broadcasting as the color analyst of their college football telecasts.Otherwise, the Grammy telecast was smooth and uneventful, awkward at times.Ladies who couldn't be there watched the live telecast.In an informal survey of 167 Muscovites more than 70 percent had watched some of the Olympic telecasts.When Fox begins next weekend the first of three consecutive Saturdays of six regional telecasts, one of them will use FoxTrax.This will provide far wider exposure than the All-Star telecast, and likely include clever commentary by anchors.