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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtellytel‧ly /ˈteli/ ●○○ noun (plural tellies) [countable, uncountable] British English informal  TCBDHTELEVISION/RADIOtelevisionon telly Is there anything good on telly tonight?
Examples from the Corpus
tellyIf he didn't become a telly millionaire turning out musical trash they could be flogged for a few pounds.If they think of history, it may be hard not to see it in dressing-up terms from telly watching.We've just bought a new telly.And the only man in a dress on telly was Les Dawson.There was a lovely picture of him on telly last night peering woefully over the fence dressed in snazzy suit.But what would we watch on telly when bowlers finished matches early?It was back to square one: telly 24 hours a day.That Aussie on the telly championing the Outback is merely praising its warm-weather virtue.They work so well in most of his sharp, documentary-style insights on the telly.It's true, I saw it on some show on the telly.You can watch telly after you've done your homework.