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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransmissiontrans‧mis‧sion /trænzˈmɪʃən $ træns-/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [uncountable]HPETCB the process of sending out electronic signals, messages etc, using radio, television, or other similar equipment worldwide data transmission2 [uncountable] formalSEND the process of sending or passing something from one person, place, or thing to anothertransmission of the transmission of disease3 [countable] formalAMTTCB something that is broadcast on television, radio etc syn broadcast a live transmission of the tennis championship4 [countable, uncountable]TTC the parts of a vehicle that take power from the engine to the wheels
Examples from the Corpus
transmissionIt was agreed that all transmission of film material will be in a progressive scan format from launch of services.My car has an automatic transmission.The power plant was a 454-cubic-inch, gasoline-powered Chevy V-8 tied to a four-speed automatic transmission.The automatic transmission, a fivespeed, costs $ 975.However, there are occasions when speech is used for the detailed transmission of factual information.Because of transmission difficulties, we have not received today's stock prices.There is considerable scientific agreement about its means of transmission.The overall world picture shows: The basic modes of transmission have not changed.the sexual transmission of AIDSHow do we explain this variation, and how do we explain the transmission of this adaptation from one generation to another?data transmissionMy hon. Friend wanted to know about data transmission services.Our present system is analogue and the requirement for computer system links and data transmission may justify changing to a digital system.Cable systems can be integrated with wireless transmission networks to provide voice transmissions to phones and data transmissions to personal communicators.Private local-area networks on the Internet operate at data transmission speeds of 10 to 100 megabits per second.Murdoch said he hopes to expand beyond what those two companies offer and use satellites for data transmissions via computers.Broadcast data via satellites also have a wide band width enabling good data transmission.Generally, these networks do not have high-speed data transmission capabilities.What data transmission speeds are proposed?live transmissionEvery month there is a live transmission of a church service.Radio stations are planning live transmissions from midnight from the tiny graveyard where her body lies buried.