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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreakwaterbreak‧wa‧ter /ˈbreɪkˌwɔːtə $ -ˌwɔːtər, -ˌwɑː-/ noun [countable]  TBa wall built out into the sea to protect the shore from the force of the waves
Examples from the Corpus
breakwaterRich hauls of lead weights also come from beneath the matted seaweed that grows at the foot of harbour walls and breakwaters.The zigzag of harbour walls and breakwaters below the cliff were deserted.About half a mile upstream the trough was traversed by the Purton breakwater.Grand Isle is a precarious headland, little more than a sandy breakwater, a mile across and less in some places.During the attack intense fire from the breakwaters and the Harbour was encountered.Through binoculars I had noted the breakwaters of what appeared to be a small artificial harbour just a mile along the coast.The second aircraft made his attack over the breakwater, released his torpedo and saw a hit on destroyer.The end of this breakwater only becomes clear when fairly close, but otherwise the approaches to the main port are simple.