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bridgebridge2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 LESSto reduce or get rid of the difference between two things The differences between our two cultures can be bridged if we continue to communicate. Alvin managed to bridge the gap between ballet and modern dance.2 TB written to build or form a bridge over something a fallen tree bridging the stream→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bridgeWrittle College has also signposted the three-quarter mile circular trail route, built stiles and bridged a large ditch.What illusion was it that she bridged between this world and that?This was not so wide as the first one had been, and she bridged it safely.Thankfully, efforts are already under way to bridge the digital divide.Can they bridge the gulf between the visitors and themselves?A log bridged the stream.bridge the gap betweenSo Monnens decided to try to bridge the gap between advertisers and Web sites.The underlying assumption of the project is that certain computer-based experiences can help pupils bridge the gap between arithmetical and algebraic thinking.The book will be useful reading for anyone seeking to bridge the gap between data and theory in ecology.Many children find bridging the gap between kindergarten and first grade to be stressful.The Arts Centre was planning to promote local-based talent and bridge the gap between pub gigs and the 3,000 capacity Hummingbird venue.In these circumstances he is considered to have developed a model which does not bridge the gap between reality and his aspirations.We need a program to bridge the gap between the police and local youngsters.Reasoning along such lines is necessary to bridge the gap between the public and the private aspect of authority.An attempt will be made to identify best practice, to help bridge the gap between theoretical prescriptions and practical modelling procedures.