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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_080_beaveseaves /iːvz/ noun [plural]  ldoce_080.png TBthe edges of a roof that stick out beyond the walls Birds had nested under the eaves.
Examples from the Corpus
eavesEvery house seemed to have at least one, sometimes several, of the distinctive mud-baked nests under its eaves.It grew quickly, putting six fairly large eaves on the water surface - but the Kissers ignored them.Another leak stopper is a strip of rubberized material laid on the roof at the eaves.The technical skill of the house martin enables it to construct gravity-defying mud nests beneath the eaves of houses.Thousands of them have set up home in the eaves of this house in Banbury.Grass was growing inside it, and hornets, birds, and spiders were living in the eaves.Outside, bigger, rougher rocks were piled up to the eaves, with scant little chinks left for doorways and windows.Window eaves and roof gutters curve in organic efficiency rather than follow a mechanical right angle.