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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopen-planˌopen-ˈplan adjective British English  TBAAan open-plan office, school etc does not have walls dividing it into separate rooms
Examples from the Corpus
open-planRecently refurbished, the lounge-bar and dining-room are open-plan and the food served is simple.They shared a cramped open-plan area in which they were disposed rather in the manner of a traditional typing pool.There's little else to the accommodation apart from an open-plan head to the starboard and a small galley opposite.Here we illustrated numerous dramatic conversions of warehouses and textile mills whose open-plan layouts made them adaptable for virtually any purpose.The symbol of the new age is the new Euston, an all-purpose combination of airport lounge and open-plan public lavatory.With 29 metres between east and west window elevations, the building was not ideal for open-plan studios.Better still, off-street markets in open-plan warehouses, which have a roof, if not much else.