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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpantilepan‧tile /ˈpæntaɪl/ noun [countable usually plural] British English  TBDHa curved tile used for covering a roof
Examples from the Corpus
pantileThe roof was finished with handmade clay pantiles from a factory at Barton-on-Humber, beneath the Humber bridge.To reduce any problems, the main roof of the house, covered with clay pantiles, has no lead flashings.It is not typically East Anglian but for its black glazed pantiles on the roof which are peculiar to Norfolk.Because Sandtoft are producing the very first machine made clay plain tile to match the Humberside pantile.Mellow orange pantiles seemingly cascade at many angles, surmounting buildings of varying heights, covering lower and higher ground.These were of a soft-hued golden sandstone topped by russet-toned pantiles.It is an attractive low rubble-stone building with pantile roof, and has a conical drying kiln alongside the grinding mill.Plus the plain tile eave coursing so often seen with pantile roofs in the North East.