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rivetrivet2 noun [countable]  TBa metal pin used to fasten pieces of metal togetherbolt
Examples from the Corpus
rivetRivalry was a rivet piercing through their bones, uniting those in a dansemacabre, a shifting pas de trois.Fewer rivets were needed because rolled iron sheets could be made in larger sizes.The torpedo door opens, its closing spring operates and all the hull rivets are tight.Chord sequences register like rivets hammered into girders.Palings are welded through rails, with no rivets, no visible joints or bolts.No rivets could be used that had been out of the refrigerator for more than two hours.He saw all the rivets and the little oily spots, the weld marks and the silencer mountings.Just because a product was not made with rivets does not mean it is not a valuable export.