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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroomroom1 /ruːm, rʊm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 in a building [countable]TB a part of the inside of a building that has its own walls, floor, and ceiling I looked around the room. She nodded toward a man who was standing across the room (=on the other side of the room). Someone was laughing in the next room (=the one beside the one you are in).somebody’s room (=someone’s bedroom) Beth, it’s time to clean up your room.bathroom/dining room/meeting room etc the doctor’s waiting roomone-room(ed)/two-room(ed) etc a three-room apartmentsingle/double room (=a room in a hotel for one person or for two) I’d like to book a double room for two nights. Here’s your key – room 348. front room, living room, sitting room2 space [uncountable]SPACE/ROOM space somewhere for a particular thing, person, or activityroom in I hope there’s going to be enough room in the fridge.room for My suitcase was so full I didn’t have room for anything else.room to do something The museum doesn’t have enough room to show everything in their collection.plenty of room/enough room There’s plenty of room in the boot for your luggage. I’m trying to make room for a vegetable garden in the backyard. Step back, leave room for people to get past. The old wardrobe took up too much room.leg-room/head-room (=space for your legs or head in a vehicle) elbow-room at elbow1(5)3 opportunity/possibility [uncountable]CHANCE/OPPORTUNITY the chance to do something, or the possibility that something exists or can happenroom for There’s little room for innovation.room for doubt/debate/argument etc The evidence was clear, and there was little room for doubt.room for manoeuvre British English, room for maneuver American English (=the possibility of changing what you do or decide) Teachers feel they have little room for manoeuvre when the curriculum is so demanding.room to do something Children need to have room to develop their natural creativity. Make room in your day for exercise.4 there’s room for improvement5 there’s not enough room to swing a cat6 rooms7 people [singular] all the people in a room The whole room started singing ‘Happy Birthday’.
Examples from the Corpus
roomSo grindingly horrible it could clear any room anywhere any time.My father sits in the livingroom in front of the television, my brothers in the dining room in silence.We can't sit there, there's not enough room.We're on the eighth floor, room 804.He didn't think he had room to pass the car in front.Do you have room for this in your bag?So she stopped off at her floor and hurried along to her room.He played in his room with the toys, alone.Leave room for people to get by.I stood in our living room, surrounded by adults, my eyes squeezed closed.There isn't any more room in the closet.I went back to my room, trying to forget about my brother.They had no room to spare in their car, so we had to take a taxi.In the darkness of that room, I cried for Induk.The library consisted of two rooms, but the only entry to the inner room was through the outer.Amanda, can you clean up your room, please?single/double roomIs it possible for a single room to constitute an apartment?His own family-seven strong-live in a single room in the house.She was in a double room.Supplements per person per night: No supplement in single rooms without private facilities.Additional night, single room and upgrade prices are available.We can also book twin or double rooms in nearby houses for your sole use for a £55 supplement.leave roomHis record appeared flawless, yet there was an inconsistency which grated harshly, leaving room for a lot of speculation.Thus, it leaves room for poor countries with well-distributed resources and rich countries with concentrated resource distributions.We wedged it in place firmly, but not too tight against the lintel, leaving room for adjustment.To his relief she wriggled across the seat, leaving room for him to get in beside her.Digital signals can be compressed to take up less space, leaving room for additional programming.Not impossible, but not likely either, which left room for speculation.Why leave room for doubt or debate?Make roomBeyond Hispanic bashing! Make room for all of us!Finish tidying beds. Make room in the greenhouse for first batches of potted roses.The whole roomAnd another. The whole room seemed to be filled with it.